• EquiFUSE CitraCreme Deep Conditioner + Rehydrant

EquiFUSE CitraCreme Deep Conditioner + Rehydrant

$ 13.99


CitraCreme‰ã¢åÊDeep Conditioner + RehydrantåÊis a rinse out conditioner designed to improve and rehydrate the equine mane and tail. Empower dry brittle manes and tails with this blend of effective moisturizers that instantly soften the hair, while increasing suppleness. Loaded with anti-static proteins, CitraCreme‰ã¢ is the ultimate detangler, promoting hair manageability and a polished finish. Infused with the natural oils of oranges, lemons and sesame seeds, this creamy formula will inspirit the senses and perfect the EquiFUSEå¨åÊexperience.

The Results
•ÈÀNourishing rinse out conditioner to dramatically moisturize andåÊcondition horses' manes and tails
Anti-static properties help keep hair under control
Infused with orange, lemon, and sesame seed oil
Preservative free
Combine with Gleamå¨åÊMoisturizer +åÊShine Serum for ultra soft, smooth,åÊand shinyåÊequine hair

16 oz bottle.

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